Genesis - Some Facts

Genesis - Some Facts

I admit I haven’t been able to finish reading all of the Books in the Holy Bible. Just recently, I’ve decided to start reading it. (It’s not that I haven’t read it yet. Of course I do, just not in a frequent basis.) Sure am I that you could tell, I have started reading it through the first book, Genesis. Here are some interesting facts I’ve read from the first of the Pentateuch of the New International Version but maybe some of you are already aware of these things I’m going to share but hey! Just continue to read. It won’t hurt to do some little review.

It was God who made Adam and Eve’s garments of skin. (3:21)
- to think that God made Adam and Eve’s first garments! they’re fortunate!

Adam and Eve had another son named Seth. (4:25)
- thought it was just Cain and Abel, huh?

Methuselah was the oldest man who lived on earth. He died at the very old age of 969. (5:27)
- almost 100 centuries of living! now wouldn’t that be boring?

Abraham’s brothers are Nahor and Haran. (11:26)

Nahor’s wife was his niece, Milcah, daughter of Haran. (11:29)
- whoa! his own niece? erm.. ah.. no comment..

Abraham was circumcised at the age of 99. (17:24)
- pretty ripe age for that… so ripe.. or too ripe?..

Abraham’s nephew Lot fathered both of his daughter’s children. (19:36)
- so Lot’s grandchildren are also his own children? and the children/grandchildren are sisters with their mothers? and the children’s relation to each other are both as cousins and siblings? wait. isn’t it a little bit complicated?

Sarah, Abraham’s wife, is his half-sister. Both have the same father but different mother. (20:12)
- i’ve noticed they marry someone from their immediate family or close relations. if anyone of you know why was this so, please let me know alright?

Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 years old. (21:5)
- i wonder if 100 years old during those times would be similar to at least our present’s 30.

Ishmael, Abraham’s firstborn, became an archer. (21:20)...

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