Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was also known as Temujin Borjigin, until he changed his name to Genghis later in his life.

Temujin Borjigin was born in Hentiy, Mongolia in the year 1162. He was born into the Onggirat tribe. He had three brothers Khasar, Jamuqa and Temuge. He also had one sister, Temulen. His father was the head of the tribe, but was killed from eating poisoned food by the neighbouring tribe, the Tartars, because of all the campaigning and raids his father led against them. At twelve he was married to his life long love, Borte. He was later made head of the tribe, but the other tribe members weren't very happy with this decision of a young boy leading the tribe and left. His own mother, Hoelun was one of these people.

The family had to live on scraps and wild fruit. This situation got so bad that he killed his stepbrother, Bekter over a dispute over hunting spoils. At the age of twenty-two, his wife Borte was kidnapped by the Merkits. So he called on his blood brother Jamuqa and friend Weng Khan to save her. They did and nine months after Borte had her first child Jochi (no one was sure if the baby was Temujin's or another persons)

Genghis Khan fought in many wars with the Mongol tribes (Which he was leader of). His first was against his brother and childhood friend, Jamuqa in 1201. The split came when they saved Borte from the Merkits. Then Genghis' enemy, Toghrul joined sides with Jamuqa. That's when the fight erupted. Many clans decided to join side with Genghis and defeated Toghrul easily. Jamuqa still fought many battles with Genghis, until Genghis finally caught him. Genghis offered him a spot on his team, but refused and asked for a noble death 1. So they broke his back. Soon after he defeated all the tribes and was now the sole ruler of the Mongol plains. All the tribes like the Merkits and Naimans join his team and where now known as the "Mongols". This is when he took the title of Genghis Khan.

Genghis' first major battle was against...

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