Genomics and Proteomics

Genomics and Proteomics

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Course Code: BTB 712 Credit Units: 03

Course Objective:
The course helps in developing a detailed understanding of eukaryotic genome complexity and organization. Current research on the molecular basis of the control of gene expression in eukaryotic system has developed a detailed understanding of techniques of gene diagnostics and DNA profile to acquire the fundamentals of genomics and Proteomics.

Course Contents:


Module I: Genome Evolution
Origin of genomes, Acquisition of new genes, DNA sequencing – chemical and enzymatic methods, The origins of introns, Genetics to genomics to functional genomics. Forward genetics (Phenotype to gene structure) and Reverse genetics (Gene structure to phenotype).

Module II: Structural Genomics
Chromosome structure and Genome organization, Genome sequencing methods, Genome assembly, Gene identification methods, Sequences Comparison Techniques, Genome annotation techniques.

Module III: Comparative Genomics
Phylogeny, COGS [Cluster of orthologues genes], paralogues and gene displacement, Metabolic Reconstruction, The Basic Principles and Methodology.

Module IV: Functional Genomics
ESTs, SAGE, cDNA Microarrays, Oligonucleotide Microarray Chips, Cancer and genomic microarrays, Application of Microarrays with examples, Microarray Data Analysis; Real Time PCR; Gene finding tools

Module V: Genotyping Background and Applications.
Genetic and physical mapping: Introduction to molecular markers-RFLP, RAPD, AFLP, SSRs and others. Genetic and physical maps, map based cloning, mapping population, southern and in situ hybridization for genome analysis, DNA fingerprinting; Single nucleotide polymorphisms, RNA interference, antisense RNA, siRNA, MiRNA, ; Human Genome Project; Pharmacogenomics: Ethical considerations of genetic testing; Genomics in drug discovery.


Module VI: Fundamentals of Proteomics
 Proteomics Basics and 2D Gel...

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