GenRay Scope

GenRay Scope

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´╗┐Project Scope Document

HRIS with ESS Project

April Drake, Project Manager

Table of Contents
Project Scope Description 3
Customer Requirements 3
Statement of Work 4
Project Deliverables 5
Acceptance Criteria 5
Work Breakdown Structure 6
Project Boundaries 10
Budget 10
Schedule 10
Resources 11
Project Staff Availability and Restrictions 12
Project Assumptions 12
Initial Defined Risks and Constraints 13
Project Approval 14

Project Scope Description
After realizing greater than anticipated ROI with the rollout of a new financial, logistics and purchasing system, GenRays desires to fuel additional growth and expansion to the company. With the cost-savings associated with the automatic calculations experienced with the new technically advanced system, they are now able to fund more research and projects to improve their workplace.
The HRIS and ESS project will attempt to bring the following benefits to GenRays:
1) Further productivity with Eforms and automatic calculations
2) Adding and maintaining the talent pool with Recruiting and Performance Review enhancements
3) Enable employees a better Career Path management and tracking system
4) Decrease IT overhead, increase Reporting and Analytics capabilities with database consolidation
5) Minimize risk in Payroll and Employee Information tracking and integrate with LDAP directory
6) Increase Benefits flexibility and management capabilities
Customer Requirements
Ashley Burrici
Ability to acrue PTO based on attendance instead of years of service
Ability to change and approve benefits during open enrollment
Ability to view benefit carrier's information directly through GenRay's Open Enrollment application
DB Consolidation
Ability to report & manipulate data with all records in the same system
General Communications
Ability to email employees for government compliance and company information
Performance & Compensation
Ability to determine...

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