GenRays Matrix WGU

GenRays Matrix WGU

GenRays Matrix Template
Project Management Knowledge Areas
Project Integration Management

Recommended Tool(s)
  Expert Judgment Interviews

Justification for Tool
These particular tools were chosen give shape to the HRIS project for GenRays. From studying the interviews of key stakeholders and their expert opinions, a collection of functions can be identified so that the HRIS deliverable’s function/purpose is defined. This initial planning will help to develop the Project Charter and set the stage for all the work that need to be performed. GenRays has subject matter experts on staff whose input it vital to produce an HRIS that meets the particular needs of the GenRays staff. We need to make sure that all of the work required to produce a HRIS product for GenRays is done. We also want to ensure extraneous work is avoided to keep GenRays costs low. We will use the interviews here to determine how the project’s scope will be defined, validated, and controlled. GenRays had reached the ROI point very early with the last on the project and defining scope well here will allow for a similar success. Decomposition of the work that needs to be done is a tool that will help aid in identifying the exact work that needs to be done and help to create the WBS. To further, ensure that the project runs smoothly and stays on track. We will use tools to track and manage the project’s completion. We can use the process of Decomposition that we have used to break down the projects’ scope into manageable units of work that can be given a time. Using this tool will give us the ability to

Project Scope Management

  

Expert Judgment Meetings and Interviews Decomposition

Project Time Management

 

Decomposition Precedence Diagramming

Project Time Management



Precedence Diagramming

Analogous Estimating
Project Cost Management

Quality Audits
Project Quality Management

Project Human Resource...

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