Genre: Science Fiction

Genre: Science Fiction

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Extension 1 Trial Preparation

Module A: Genre
Elective 3: Science Fiction

The last assessment task was a distinct improvement over the Pre-Trial results for some. Well done in particular to Adam Brieger and Byron Field, both scoring 23/25. This was the top mark and Adam and Byron were the only students to score this mark. We are getting something right.

For most other student there remains plenty of room for improvement and yet there is honestly very little that needs to be done to convert B range responses into A range responses. Following these steps will help:

The Analytical Response

Firstly a basic reminder: for the Trial and the HSC you must include discussion of AT LEAST TWO set texts (this means TWO, not three) and AT LEAST TWO related texts (this means two, not three)

The Module is called: Genre

Therefore you have to be able to explain what is meant by this term.

For example:

Genres begin as a loosely associated group of texts, sharing themes and characteristics that are a particular response to their context. A commentator notices these similarities and coins a term to describe this group of texts. Once a ‘genre’ is identified other composers respond – some working within the conventions established by the original group of composers, others extending and testing those conventions. As time passes and contexts evolve, so does the genre. Eventually genres fragment, evolving into hybrids or myriad sub-genres, or they fade away, no longer relevant in changing contexts.

The Elective is called: Science Fiction

Therefore you have to be able to explain this as a specific example of a Genre.

For example:

Science Fiction is an umbrella term used to categorise texts that share certain themes and characteristics. While notoriously difficult to define absolutely, most Science Fiction texts depict an imagined future where a scientifically plausible advanced technology has been developed. On the other hand Science...

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