genuien communciaion

genuien communciaion

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Name: Iqra Nasir


Prepare a set of cue cards for use with a beginner’s class. Each card is to show a different nationality. Either make a simple line drawing of a face on each of 8 cards and write a typical name to go with each face eg French - Pierre, Japanese - Shoo OR If you cannot show the nationality (or it could be confusing or cause offence) by your drawing, draw the national flag on the card instead. Your set of 8 may consist of French, Spanish, Chinese, American, English, Greek, Italian, German or any interesting and useful combination of other nationalities. Illustrations taken from textbooks or from the Internet are acceptable. You are NOT required to send in the set of cue cards, we need to see the designs on paper. Good presentation will gain better marks.


Prepare a lesson in which you could USEFULLY include the set of cue cards which you have prepared in Task 1. Please indicate the level, the aim, the length of lesson and write a plan. For this you will need to refer to Lesson Planning elsewhere in the course.

In this module you should focus on the visual aids and how you use them to develop language. Whereas in the Lesson Stages and Plans you should focus on the planning of an integrated lesson in which you use texts, listening, activities, visual aids and so on.

Please note we need to see the designs of your cue cards, do NOT send any materials through the post.

Using flashcards is a good way to tell students about different countries/their culture/flags and e.t.c. flashcards can be bright and colourful and make a real impact on visual learners. Teachers should keep in mind that there are many types of learners within any one class. Teachers should aim to appeal to all the different learner types at some point during the class. For children at reading age, flashcards can be used in conjunction with word cards. These are simply cards that display the written word. Word cards should be...