Geography Cbd

Geography Cbd

Describe and explain the characteristics of the CBD, industrial areas and residential zones of Reading.

CBD - The land values in the CBD in Reading are very high as it is the most accessible point in the city. This is because public transport and roads such as the A4 and the A329 converge on the CBD making it easy to access the CBD. This means that there is an increase in passing trade and therefore an increase in potential customers. Therefore, for companies that afford the high land value, such as Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser populate the commercial activity. Due to the high land values, buildings are much taller as this reduces the amount of money paid for land rental. There are redevelopment and renewal projects in place. The CBD is also the location of many public buildings such as the library and the town hall.

Industrial areas - In Reading, there are two industrial zones. The older industrial area which includes light industry and small workshops, is located in the twilight zone. This older industrial area is denser, with small industries and residential areas located close together. An example is Sutton Business Park - small industrial units built in late 1980s for lightweight distribution, packaging and business start ups. It is close to the centre and there is a cheap start up cost because it was built on site of old gas works. The other industrial area is located in the urban fringe and mainly consists of high-tech industries. Reading’s main industry is now the high-tech industry. There are a number of prestigious business parks including Worton Grange and Green Park.

Residential zones - There are three main residential zones. The closest to the CBD is the twilight zone. The housing is for the most part high-density terraced housing near industrial areas, with good access to transport. This is because the houses were designed to be small and functional so factory workers lived close to their place of work. The second...

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