geography questions

geography questions

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 Chapter 7


3) Rank the following from the item emitting its maximum radiation in the longest wavelength to the item emitting its maximum radiation in the shortest wavelength:
a human body
beach on a hot day
electric stove on high
the sun


8) explain each of the following observations:
People in hot climates tend to wear white clothes
because light clothes have a higher albedo reflect the light
a field of ice is not melting on a sunny winters day
doesn't melt because the surface is white doesn't absorb low angle of incidence
an asphalt driveway becomes sticky on a summers day
because its rough (pours) dark and direct angle
the temperature drops more on a clear night than cloudy
because the clouds insulate the heat, energy cant escape

14) why do you feel immediately cooler or a hot summers day when a cloud passes in front of the sun?
because there is a reduction in the direct shortwave radiation: blocking sun rays.

15) how might each of the following be affected by the greenhouse effect: cloud cover, vegetation growth, sea levels, your own life?

Cloud cover: thicker cloud cover due to more exasperation from warmer temperatures.

Vegetation growth : increase because of the increase n CO2--> releasing more O2

Sea levels: increase because of the melting ice draining to oceans.

My life: sports, leisure , job

CHapter 8

1) List what you consider to be three advantages and three disadvantages of the climate experienced in the area in which you live in?

advantages: Disadvantages:
Mild Climate lots of rain
4 distinct climates(seasons) long periods of drought

3) compare climographs and hythergraphs. what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods used to display climatic data?
Climographs are simpler, but hythergraphs are easier to compare and contrast.

5) identify three ways in which the climate of your area influences...

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