1. The factors that have lead to urbanisation of Melbourne
Melbourne’s urbanisation has been due to a number of effects. A key reason as to why Melbourne got urbanised was the 1850s gold rush, this bought thousands of people to Victoria and in there the growing town of Melbourne people then settled there during, and after the gold rush and helped it grow initially.
Melbourne also has certain characteristics which are not found in other Australian cities. It has a very large and diverse culture, can provide some of the best education that the world has to offer and is considered to be the sporting capital of the southern hemisphere. These are all very desirable reasons for people to move to Melbourne and help it grow and urbanise to a further extent. Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city in the world for 2012. A large part of this would be about Melbourne’s outstanding social, economic and environmental factors. The social factors of Melbourne are it not being to big so it is a nice place if you want to live near friends and family as it isn’t too hard to visit them. The economic impact on the urbanisation of Melbourne is that it is quite diverse so it has a lot of different employment options and it offers a lot of opportunities. The environmental factors for people urbanising Melbourne are there being no extremes in weather conditions and with it being much cleaner and a lot less polluted than other cities.

Melbourne’s air quality is much better than that of other major world cities.

Positive | Negative |
. Better medical care | . Health issues-water and air pollution and disease can spread easier |
.Better education system | .Poverty |
.Stimulates the economy | .Overcrowding |
.Offers more opportunities | .Transportation-lots of traffic |
.Reduced travel times | .Higher crime rates |
.Efficient services | |
.Increased employment | |

2. What are the impacts of Urbanisation in Melbourne

Urbanisation in Melbourne is...

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