George Fisher Works to Turnaround Kodak

George Fisher Works to Turnaround Kodak

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Question 1: Managerial Functions & Roles

George Fisher Works to Turnaround Kodak

a) Identify and categorize each of Fisher’s activities according to the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Management is a series of process conducted to achieve targeted goals through or with people within organizational by using its available resources effectively. Management has been categorized to have four functions to make up the management process which is planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Since George Fisher was recruited to become CEO of Rochester-based Eastman Kodak Co., he began to set strategies to overcome Kodak’s crisis and bring it to be a global digital imaging technology leader. His activities to achieve these goals can be categorized into these four functions of management.


Planning involves choosing, outlining and indicating tasks that must be performed to obtain organizational goals and deciding the most efficient way to obtain them. The new CEO has big plans and new goals for organization. Fisher has been dedicating himself to studying every part of Kodak’s business to understand necessary planning need to be listed and studied in order to overcome the Kodak’s crisis which is declining earnings, slow growth, heavy debt and a demoralized workforce.

➢ Fisher doesn’t deny the important of Kodak’s core photography business, which relies on selling film and development processes at this moment, but he believes that Kodak’s technology in photographic need to be upgraded to digital imaging technology in order to sustain in future market.

➢ Previously Kodak had a rather bureaucratic culture laid a lot of emphasis on the hierarchical structure within organization. Fisher trying to moralise workforce and change dysfunctional culture of Kodak’s by setting tough goals and want his managers to achieve them in their own way using creative and innovative solution....

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