Management is a series of process conducted to achieve targeted goals through or with people within organizational by using its available resources effectively. Management has been categorized to have four functions to make up the management process which is planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Since George Fisher was recruited to become CEO of Rochester-based Eastman Kodak Co., he began to set strategies to overcome Kodak‘s crisis and bring it to be a global digital imaging technology leader. His activities to achieve these goals can be categorized into these four functions of management.

Planning is a by individuals, organization groups, and even the primary program in order to complete a strategic business goals has to go through. Planning include conception goals, analyze the current situation, induction direction, judge the feasibility, to formulate strategy, implementation plan, track and evaluate the effectiveness of the outcome of the process. Commercially, as "planning" is a necessary process in the corporate policy on the exercise, so the planning is important.

A good CEO of an organization must planned for their business goals. Fisher research every department in Kodak business, planning to change the old core of business, and after careful research record, these plans are designed to earnings ratio declining market crisis, company closures, pay off debts owed ​​to the company, and let the whole team of the new company to stand up.

Fisher does not deny the important of Kodak‘s core photography business, Kodak’s core photography business, which relies on selling film and development processes at this moment, But Fisher believes that Kodak can not always rely on selling film and developing processes to maintain the entire company income, because the film may be in a few years might be eliminated. Fisher must upgrade Kodak, photography need to upgrade to digital imaging technology, in order to maintain in the future market,...

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