I was playing on my computer. I felt very happy because I had finished all of my homework and had the entire day to my self. I was playing grand theft auto, doing the usual, shooting people’s heads off and stealing cars. But then I remembered. An English essay! Stupid me I thought always forgetting to write in my homework planner. I dashed up stairs, felling really angry, grabbed a pen and started writing furiously fast. In three hours I had successfully finished my ten thousand word essay on a book called Gulliver’s travels. I ran down stairs taking three steps at a time feeling a bit better. But no, my sister was on the computer doing her homework. I shoved her of the computer and exited her homework without saving. There I thought now time to play grand theft auto, YAY. But what was happening? It seemed like my sister had downloaded a virus. But I really wanted to play grand theft auto. I tried to delete it. But it didn’t work. Every time I tried it got worse. Then I noticed that the screen was quivering. I touched it and all of a sudden I was pulled in through the screen. I felt like I was being stretched like spaghetti. Then I started to fall through a very deep hole. I fell and fell, at least for ten minutes. CRASH! I suddenly hit the bottom.
When I got up I saw some very cool stuff. E-mails flying around and web addresses and other people’s conversations on MSN. I was in cyber space. I jumped through websites and through other people’s computer screens. I jumped onto a website and played a game. The great thing was that I was the character. Now this was Grand Theft Auto. After I got bored I hopped onto the McDonalds website and ate a virtual hamburger. It tasted good. I went to the main part and read a few e-mails:

Dear John

Will be back at seven o’clock


Boring, yes, but it was very entertaining.
I was suddenly confronted by a man with medium sized shoes, blue suspenders, a red shirt, a moustache, and a red cap. “It’s-a meeeee...