Germany Business Culture

Germany Business Culture

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In this report, through a very specific analysis of background of Germany and its culture,

We can identify how these characteristics affect doing business with German.

Germany is a great economic influence of the country in the world. In the whole Europe, Germany has the most powerful economy. Apart from that,Germany has the most advanced and efficient system of manufacturer. German pride their country on national products produced. Their people for their national products produced are proud. In the second part of report, we introduce that German values and behavior in business. Germans have achieved success by hard work and efficiency. The quality of products is recognized throughout the world. Germans maintain a stronger separation between home and office than Britons or Americans do. ‘Work is work and play is play’ is an important distinction in their culture. In the following section, we mainly round their cultural characteristics of business. Germans have a reputation for being industrious, hard-working, reserved. They are private but exact. They have a good welfare system and union is strong. They are formal in their business dealings, not only with foreigners, but among themselves as well. In the last section, we introduced that some business behavior which we may meet during dealing business with German. These behaviors are mainly according to meeting and communication with German, gestures, time-management and team-working.

Germans possess a firm conviction that their way of doing things is the best way. To be successful obtaining the great results from a business relationship with a German company, we have to understand their social culture and business culture in order to deal with them better.


Since unification in 1989, Germany is Europe’s most populous nation and the continent’s largest economy. Situated at the heart of the European continent, and fundamentally shaped by Europe’s history, it is...

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