Dyamond Griggs (979)
English 9
March 24, 2011

The Bombing of Dresden

During the devastating time of WWII there were many controversial topics. One in particular was the Bombing of Dresden. This was acclaimed to being a senseless war against Germany by the British Royal Air Forces and United States Armed Forces.(Addison) This nefarious crime began 12pm February 14 and ended February 15 at 1pm.(Lutton) The bombing made Germany become watchful in all there allies and trusted no other nation for about 15 years.(Addison)

A British Royal Air Forces council meeting Charles Portal and business partners were discussing tactics about forcing Germany to surrender to them. There economy was flushed at that time and they were borrowing large amounts money from them that they weren’t paying back. Charles Portal suggest to his colleagues that they should take do something that will assure German officials that they were serious about this matter.(“On This Day in History.”) They all began plotting there master plan and asked several allies to help. The United states armed forces and Britain royal air force got together about 3,600 planes of which 1,300 were heavy bombers. The planes were filled with over 2000lb high explosives bombs and 400 incendiaries. Sargent Joesph W. Agell was chosen to be in charge of this operation. Sargent Agell wasn’t informed of the true intentions of this attack, he was told that they were bombing Nazi camps that held over 50,000 workers. February 14th there were 1477 tons of explosive bombs dropped in Dresden. They came one after another a never ending shower of death came down upon innocent human beings.(Eyes)

The first raid ending abrupt because of all the chemicals in the air that the pilots of the planes could not see and for about and hour attempted to find there ways back to the British Royal Air Forces base. The next morning the sky was completely gray which made the sky opaque. Ignoring this factor they took flight and...

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