Getting Married

Getting Married

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"Oh my God I can't believe he's getting married." I remember witnessing him falling off the end of the slide at Moors Valley he was screaming, crying all just to get his fix of attention.. it didn’t work.

Three hours before the big moment it was so manic. Everyone was so eager, there were hair brushes, beauty products, make-up brushes the lot flying all over the scene, we had to rush back and forth to get everything that we needed done. The bride Amy looked so nervous but in high spirits at the same time. The atmosphere in the room was tense.

The exhausting rush of two hours, flew past us, Amy stepped out of the bathroom, She looked flawless, the dress she was wearing was as if it were out of a fairy tale. "Beep Beep" we heard the car outside. Amy, the rest of the bridesmaids and I came running out with exhilaration.Our faces just beamed in happiness there parked beside us was a stretched pink limo we could not believe our eyes.

Nervously waiting outside of the church, all we could hear was Amy heart beating away every second, like a clock ticking every second of the day.

The church bells rang, we all knew what time it was, the big moment we had all been waiting for was about to arrive.Stepping inside the church, everyone bundled inside of the church waiting to be seated, all rise the vicor shouted as we rised,Antony Price started to sing 'You Raise Me Up' by westlife, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, could see Grandad trying not to let on he's crying.During the vows the groom burst out into tears with joy. Finally the couple were announced as Mr and Mrs Thompson-Brown.

As we stepped outside the weather was magnificent, the sun was beaming down on us like a newly gilded coin, but all of sudden trouble had strike amongst the happy couple the car that was driving them to there reception, had a flat tier, no one knew what to do.Everyone was dressed smartly didn't want to get dirty, and no one had a spare tier, so dad stepped in to take charge...

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