Getting Ready for a PAS interview

Getting Ready for a PAS interview

1) What have you done to get ready for the interview/
PAS has been an interest of mine for several years since coming to ISR and coaching to it. I wanted to learn as much about the role as I could.

The first step. I set up time with the cmr managers- Learn as much about the role as possible.
Brad you and I talked and you suggested I listen to some calls and get familiar with the systems. I focused on this.

Lance you mentioned contributing at the team level as well as a CEI advocate. I have put in considerable thought to both of those.

I spent time double jacking with CMR and PS level.

Last- I spent a lot of time listening to the different calls CMR’s take. I listened to many ASR, and WC’s calls as well as some inbound calls. I wanted to get familiar with what success sounds like.

2) Why leadership to this:
This is still a leadership role. I plan to bring the things that made me successful as HD to your teams. (talk to lance) Great question: One to the things that excited me was lance mentioned he would like people on the team that can contribute at a team level, share best practices and being a strong presence to the team. That excited me because I feel like I am a great fit. I come to team meeting ready to contribute, share best practices.
At this point in my career. I am also really excited one-to one conversations. I am excited to help them plan for retirement and meet their financial goals. I feel like I can relate to people . I am in a similar situation with many of them. I feel like PAS is an excellent product and I am excited to share it.

Being last year sales voca I gained a strong passion for process improvement, and making things easy.

3) No numbers/off the phone- I am on the phone most of my day. I feel like I can demonstrate my success. I have measurable results. An important part of my role is coaching people to success. I am currently measured on my teams...

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