Getting Started Uide for Mystery Shoppers

Getting Started Uide for Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Internet Shopper
Subject: Getting Started Guide

Before starting your first day with us, you’ll need a couple of free resources to help you: (If you already have your own password/personal information program, you can skip this) Roboform (HIGHLY recommended): Because you’ll be filling out multiple offers, requesting free trials, and free quotes, etc, this tool is a must. Fill in your information once, and anytime you have a form or product request page to fill out, you simply press a button and everything is filled in instantly for you. This will make your day much easier ☺ Please Note: This program is 100% free and clear of ALL viruses and spy ware, it is completely safe for your computer.

IMPORTANT: You Do NOT need to Pay for Roboform. Please just download the FREE VERSION.
Direct Download Link:

PAYPAL (required): This is how we send you funds in advance to pay for any offers that require a small purchase. And also your earned funds will be sent via Paypal. We can also arrange for other payment methods, but this is our preferred method. Get Your FREE PayPal account now (Choose a Personal account):

Free trials are yours to take advantage of. Do keep in mind that after a free trial expires, some companies may charge you an ongoing monthly rate if you do not cancel within the allotted period. If you do not want to stay on after the free trial, you must cancel with that merchant during the trial period so that you will not continue to be billed. Note: We will not be responsible for any additional charges, if you do not cancel your trial period.

If you have friends or family that might want to become Mystery Internet Shoppers, you’ll receive a $10 cash bonus for everyone that signs up and names you as the referring member.


We try to make it as simple as possible. So,...

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