Getting a good grade

Getting a good grade

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WRITING THIS PAPER/Getting a good grade

1. Describe each interviewee in turn;.compare and contrast the life stages, based on SPECIFICS derived from the interviews. Most important:
2. CONTINUALLY RELATE THE MATERIAL TO WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN THIS COURSE. Use terms and ideas discussed in class. The point of this exercise is to demonstrate your knowledge of this course. I grade according to how well you incorporate the material learned this semester into your paper.

Project involves 4 hours of observation/ interaction with a young child aged 4months-6 years old, plus an interview with the baby's mother or primary caregiver. PAPER SHOULD BE ABOUT 7 PAGES. Keep a copy in your computer.

Begin by describing the purpose of your project: “I would like to spend some time observing and playing with your child. My goal is to find out find out first hand what X year olds are like. I would also like to talk to you about what it is like to be a parent. This project is my term paper in developmental psychology. Anything you tell me will be confidential. I will not use your name or your child’s name. Then give the parent your consent form to sign.

OBSERVATION SCHEDULE: Plan to observe for at least a 2-hour period each time. Ideally, observe over a half-day to get the full experience of what a day with a young child is like. Here are the guidelines for this qualitative study:

Give the age and sex of the child (IF AN INFANT DESCRIBE HOW OLD THE CHILD IS IN MONTHS.) Then note other basic demographic information e.g.“ lives alone with mother and boyfriend in an apartment; has two siblings aged X and X; grandmother takes care of during the day… etc”
Consider the child’s living space. What is the house like? Where is the child’s room? Is the room bright and cheerful? Does the baby/child have cognition stimulating toys? Are there gender-typed toys?...

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