Applying for college is an important and exciting step in my life. It brings a new

phase of my life which will bring opportunities for me to advance my knowledge, so that

I can specialize in an area of study that I can enjoy. I would like to attend your college,

and use the qualities and strengths that I have in order to succeed at your university.

Some of the good qualities that I have can be seen from my strengths as a student.

Throughout my years in being in school, I have realized that I am a diligent person.

I am able to do well in my studies, because I pay attention to detail, manage time

well and review my work to make sure that I understand it. I have a desire to do well, to

achieve my goal of learning and receiving good grades. That is why I try hard and care

about my subjects. Although English and social studies can be interesting for me at times,

the subjects that I enjoy, and have passion for the most, are math and science. I will want

to study and excel in those subjects, and most probably would like to specialize in an

area related to them.

There are also other good things about me. I am caring and sensitive to people.

For example, I am respectful of my teachers, realizing that they want decorum in class,

and they want their students to do well. I do not want to disappoint them. In addition,

something I like to do is figure things out. For instance, even though I don’t know a lot

about computers and internet, at home if there is a problem with it, I will attempt to see

what’s wrong with it and try to fix it. This is one of many examples which demonstrate

that characteristic. Based on this example, one can see why I have such a passion for the

subjects of math and science.

I am hopeful that you will recognize these strengths and qualities that would make

me a successful student at your university. I am thanking you in advance for considering

me as a...