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Complex Decision Making № 2

2 a) A complex decision making process is usually involved when a customer is taking part in in-depth research of a product. This research can educate the consumers about the product, thus allow them to note factors such as; pricing points against other products, quality information compared to other products, brand loyalty, brand popularity, product associated with one’s ego and products associated with performance risks. Products or services that are apart major competitive advantage can bring confusion towards a consumer, and thus forces them to engage in complex decision making processes that involves the comparison of products and what they have to offer. The first advertisement markets the ease of use one receives from purchasing the song laptop as it is perceived to be as “light as paper”. The logo “lightweight like no other” reinforces how convenient the product is, however, there are a range of other brands that aim to produce the same effectiveness and efficiency in light weighted laptops, thus, making this ad a complex decision making focus that gets the consumer thinking about which brand to consider buying from.

2 b) The complex decision making model allows customers to narrow down the positives and negatives of a product against other products in a similar field. Successful ads usually provide customers with information regarding the product, thus giving the customers a starting point to ease their complex decision making process. The second ad mentions a few informational dot points about the car it is advertising, thus making the product and brand seem confident about what it is advertising. This procedure gives the customer a sense of understanding about the product, thus making it less complex to decide upon. Cars are usually purchased to attend to the utilitarian needs of a customer – the needs of a product that seek to achieve practical benefits....