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Staff Writers in General News have the broadest and largest range of topics to choose from. You can write about anything gaming-related and you get to work with game admins across the TeamWarfare League to produce press releases and event publications.

Of course, our Game Specific Writers are experts in their chosen field, covering TeamWarfare exclusive matches and providing exciting coverage for your favorite games! They present everything from scintillating match coverage to insider tips and interviews. If this sounds like you, we'd like to have you on our team.

The news department is growing. With all of the opportunities we have, we are looking to expand our staff to include XHTML Code Monkeys and Multimedia Experts. Are you one of the fine undiscovered coders of the world? Love making frag movies? We've got lots of things for you to do so you can perfect your skills!

Some of our team members have gone on to begin their work professionally