Ghost Story

Ghost Story

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Describing words

Chill | Spooky | Gloomy |
Scary | Hair-raising | Cobwebs |
Eerie | Frightened | Spine-chilling |
Old and cold | Shivers of fear | Isolated |
Scream | Shriek | Deathly |
Creepy | Howling | Shrill |
Darkness | Misty or foggy | Footsteps |
Graveyard | Corpse | Ghost |
Shadow | Weird | Weeping/crying |

Describing words (adjectives)
Colours, sounds, feeling words
Strong definite characters
Creating suspense
Setting the scene and the atmosphere
Describing the weather
Clear opening line
Personal feelings
Clear ending
Describing the sounds
Exaggerating the description
John was driving home from work through the village of Deadwood. It was late at night. His clock read 11:11.  As he was driving, he noticed a beautiful young lady dressed in white at the bus stop.  He stopped to see if he could give her a lift home.  It was getting very chilly and the mist was just starting to appear so he offered his padded coat to her.  They talked for a while. He soon found out that her name was Katy.  After a long and bumpy journey they arrived at her house.  He dropped her off and went home himself.  While he was driving home John realized that Katy still had his coat.  He was tired and didn’t want to go back so he decided to get it in the morning before work.When he arrived at her house the next morning, her mother answered the door.  John told her about the ride he had given Katy and that he had left his coat with her.  Her mother, looking very confused and said in a shaky voice that Katy died twenty-one years ago and was buried in a graveyard near the bus stop in the village of Deadwood.  The hairs on the back of John’s neck stood up. He was very intrigued. He went back to the bus stop and found the graveyard to see if this story was true.  The graveyard was very spooky. It gave him a kind of weird feeling. There was a deathly silence. He finally found Katy’s gravestone and there, lying on the...

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