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I remember my first meeting with the rain. I guess I liked it too cold and they achieve shredded.
Learn to love the rain as you learn to love wine: first you twist, to look different and the risk of not making known your tastes. Like any true love, it requires ingenuity, thrift and a certain experience of life.
However, we can not say that the wine and rain act as the psyche. Ebrietatea caused wine must not be taught. Drink rain provides only those who choose. "

It destroys the sad times. Rain beauty lies in its unpredictable nature. Every time, they achieve surprise me, make me chicken skin. There will be no divorce. Wife believers, the rain is with us everywhere. At the end of days, one found in drops of infusion in the hospital. "(Martin Page)

ocean has not forgotten that we are born in its depths and gave us something to follow. il hardly guess the new form of confetti. passed through sieve clouds, scallops, fish, and algae are filtered meduzele and indigestible "

"When it rains, people read it, go to the cinema and love, working artists, soldiers remain in tents. but what do men and women when not raining? do beach perd weather display cabinets in front of clothing stores, garden parties and organized massacres"

Rain is invincible. If we concentrate well, it dovesdeste be a strong element. All pier and dry, while rain stays, harder than platinum or diamond. I feel nemarginirea and silence, I stick to her body and I listen giant monster breath bland.

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