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Submitted To: Mr. Anwar Khan

Submitted By: Raheel Jamal

Control # SP’08-067

ID # 2003-1-37-3728

Internship Report '' Spring 2008

Name: Raheel Jamal
ID #: 2003-1-37-3728
Control #: SP08-067
Major Field: Marketing
Company Interned: GlaxoSmithKline
(Public Limited Company)
GlaxoSmithKline is a British Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, with a Consumer Healthcare Department, which caters to Non-subscription Oral and Personal Health Care Products..
Duration: 3 Month duration from January 21st 2008 to April 21st 2008
Internship Report: Due to be submitted by May 10th 2008.
Report Originally Submitted on 10th May 2008.
Report Resubmitted due to errors on 16th July 2008
Department: Consumer Health Care '' West Wharf
Supervisor’s Names: Nida Zubair '' Brand Manager
Muzammil Munawar '' Marketing Services & Innovation Manager
Salim Karim '' Assistant Brand Manager _ Oral Care
The Option I have selected to work on is “Option 1” whereby I have stated the problem, and provided information of measures and steps taken by the company to overcome the stated problem, and in the end I have provided my Recommendation & Conclusion.

Introduction: 4
A Brief Background: 6

Brand Launch & Re-launch: 6
ENO: 6
Problem Identification: 6
ENO the Bottle: 7
Actions We Took: 7
ENO Tens Pack: 11
The New SKU: 11

Iodex: 15
Problem Identification: 15
Launching the New SKU: 15
Iodex Double Power: 16
A New Product Introduced: 16

Horlicks: 17
Problem Identification: 17
Overcoming the Problem at Hand: 17

Macleans: 18
Macleans Milk Teeth: 21
The School Activity: 21

Corsodyle: 23

Conclusion & Recommendation: 24


GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan is currently one of the largest Multinational Companies in Pakistan and is primarily a Pharmaceutical Company. The company is a manufacturing concern that produces medicines locally and imports several...

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