GLO-BUS Statistical Review QUIZ 1

GLO-BUS Statistical Review QUIZ 1

GLO-BUS Statistical Review QUIZ 1
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1) The company maintains a production facility in
a. Japan
b. The United States
c. China
d. German
e. Taiwan

2) The company’s shipment of digital cameras to retailers in various foreign countries are subject to
a. All these
b. Export fees equal to $20 per camera and exchange rate adjustment
c. Import duties imposed by the countries to which the cameras are shipped
d. Potential delays due it dockworker strikes at the port of entry

3) Which of the following is not an accurate description of the market for digital cameras?
a. Local camera shops account for the biggest share of multi-featured camera sales, with online retailers second, multi-store retail chains account for the biggest share of entry-level digital camera sales.
b. Retailers typically stock several brands of digital cameras.
c. Shoppers for multi-featured cameras are much more price sensitive than are the buyers of entry-level cameras.
d. Camera buyers are very knowledgeable about digital cameras; many do internet research to educate themselves about features, performance and prices of competing brands.
e. There are about 50,000 retailers worldwide, most of which are local shops.

4) The factors that affect a company’s P/Q rating include:
a. How far a company’s price is above the industry average. PAT productivity, warranty costs, and the percentage of cameras outsourced from contract assemblers.
b. The caliber of core components, a company’s cumulative spending for new product R&D, engineering and design, the number of models, camera body ergonomics/durability and the number of special utility features.
c. Performance features and camera quality
d. The size of incentive bonuses paid to workers for detect-free assembly, warrant cliam rates the age of assembly workstations, camera quality and picture quality....

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