Global Adhesives & Sealants Industry Trend, Growth and Research Report 2014

Global Adhesives & Sealants Industry Trend, Growth and Research Report 2014

Smart Home, Building City Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications growth is expected to accelerate, particularly
in certain industry verticals, and especially due to the anticipated Internet of Things (IoT)
ecosystem. One of the key areas of growth for M2M and IoT falls within the area of smart
homes, smart buildings including offices and industrial, and smart cities.

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One of the original definitions of a “smart home” is a residence that has highly advanced
automatic systems for lighting, temperature control, multi-media, security, window and
door operations, and many other functions. With the expansion of broadband
communications and M2M/IoT, intelligence in the home is taking on a whole new meaning
as various connected home applications are transforming entertainment, information,
health and general well-being. Some of the key Smart Home topics covered in this report
Key Elements of Smart Home
Smart Home Ecosystem Analysis
Evolution of Smart Home Ecosystem
Future of Smart Home Apps and Services

Mind Commerce anticipates significant investment in both traditional infrastructure (such
as intelligent transportation systems) as well as next generation ICT systems (such as
sensors monitoring water levels, energy usage, traffic flows, and security cameras, and
sending that data directly to city administrators). In addition, certain governments are
making substantial investments in political, human and social capital. For example, India
has recently announced a goal to develop up to 100 smart cities country-wide. Some of
the key Smart City topics covered in this report are:

Smart City Strategies
Essential Elements of Smart City
Global Smart City Development
Framework for Smart City and Role of M2M

While measuring the direct ROI will be problematic for the...

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