Global Biophotonics Market Size, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2014 - 2020

Global Biophotonics Market Size, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2014 - 2020

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The global healthcare services and medical equipment market is expected to witness significant contribution from biophotonics. Rise in aging population, key healthcare reforms and government supported initiatives, IT integration in healthcare sectoras well as increasing prevalence of chronic diseases are among the prominent factors that are driving the demand for bio photonic products across the globe. In addition, an influx of new biophotonic products specifically for imaging, bio sensing, microscopy and analytic sensing applications by key players such as Becton, Dickinson & Co., Affymetrix Inc. and Carl Zeiss is expected to bolster the market growth, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market. Geographically, North America represents a huge market potential followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

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In this study, we analyze the Global Biophotonics Market during 2014-2020. We focus on:

Market size and forecast, 2012-2020
Key drivers and developments in biophotonics
Key Trends and Developments of biophotonic products in applications such as see through imaging, inside imaging, spectro molecular, light therapy and others
Key Drivers and developments in particular regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America
Government policies and initiatives for biophotonics market in all four regions
Key Geographies Covered

North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and Latin America

Other Key Topics

Miniature technology, Geriatrics population, Diabetes, Cancer, Medical solutions, advanced technologies
Examples of key Companies Covered

Becton, Dickinson & Co., Affymetrix Inc., Olympus America, Andor Technology, Hamamatsu Technologies, and Carl Zeiss

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