Global Chromatography Resins Market: Industry Analysis, Trend and Growth, 2014 - 2020

Global Chromatography Resins Market: Industry Analysis, Trend and Growth, 2014 - 2020


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Chromatography resins are used in purification and separation of proteins and other biomolecules in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and environmental
analysis. Chromatography resins are of three types, viz., synthetic, natural and inorganic
media. Natural and synthetic resins are preferred over inorganic media. Chromatography
resins are used in affinity, mixed-mode, ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction and size
exclusion techniques. In terms of revenues, Protein A resins accounted for the highest
share of the market.
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The main driver for the chromatography resins market is huge demand for monoclonal
antibodies. Huge demand for monoclonal bodies is on account of the number of growing
critical diseases resulting in these types of therapeutics to swiftly gain significance.
Biotechnology & pharmaceutical are the leading end-users for chromatography resins
and are likely to gain more importance in near future. Food manufacturing was secondlargest end-user application for chromatography resins. Chromatography resins are also
used in industrial applications, genetic engineering and drug recovery. However, presence
of stringent regulations regarding manufacture and usage of this product is expected to
hamper the growth of the market over the next few years. Research & development in
chromatography resin for various applications is expected to open new opportunities for
the growth of the market.

Report Description
In technology terms, ion-exchange chromatography had the highest consumption in past
few years. Though, affinity chromatography resins...

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