global citizenship

global citizenship

Personal Identity and Global Citizenship

Tonya Thomas

General Education Capstone 499

Mark Bowles


A Global citizen is when a person aware of their own role of citizen, that respects and value diversity and how the world works. Its very important that everyone know about global citizenship. Everyone can be a global citizen it takes commitment, courage and with a sense of humor. The internet connects us to people from around the world and the news we can see within seconds of its happening. Being a global citizenship is being excepted regardless of their race, religion.
My outlook on life and the way I think will make a difference in this world. I believe that our moral and ethical disposition will help guide individuals understandings. " Global citizenship can be defined as a moral and ethical disposition which can guide the understanding of individuals or groups of local and global contexts, and remind them of their relative responsibilities within various communities.” (Barack Obama , 2008). As a citizen of this world I owe my allegiance to the government.
Inter group empathy is concerns and connections for people outside of the group. When looking at the children from other countries make you feel sad for them because they do not have the same opportunity that we have to receive help. Valuing diversity is appreciating of the diverse of the world. All of us come different places and I value whatever your culture is. In school they teaches the different cultures so the children learn they are all different in many ways. “The word “liberal” in “liberal education” originally meant education for free men, an education to prepare men for the exercise of freedom within their polity.”(Audrey Osler)
Social justice is valuing human rights and being treated fairly. In this world we are still fighting for the rights to be treated fairly. The Hispanic are fighting hard to be...

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