Global Civilization Final Paper

Global Civilization Final Paper

Final Paper
April 26, 2007

Every day of my life, I wake up; get myself around for work or school, all without really thinking twice about the world around me. Global Civilization constantly challenged me, because it made take a closer look at the world I live in. I find it difficult to narrow down three or four ideas or concepts that really made me think twice, because each class truly made me think twice.

Each classroom session offered insight into the past. By quickly discussing the extreme past to the present as well as exploring how the world has evolved, not just by focusing on one person or place but everywhere, sometimes, simultaneously. Global Civilization was unlike any previous history class that I can remember. For Example, high school history, usually focused on dates and famous people and specific inventions? Global Civilization gave explanations on how and why we as people of this earth, have evolved.

Since the object is to identify three or four areas that challenged or sparked my interest, I would have to say the most challenging was learning about the Islam religion. I never knew there was such a drastic difference in their religious beliefs from our Christian view point. The core differences between Islam and Christianity are:

1. God

a. Christian – One true God – Father, son and holy ghost

b. Islam – Allah

2. Jesus

a. Christian – Virgin born son of God

b. Islam – Salvation is achieved only through submissions of teachings of Islam.

3. Salvation

a. Christian – Christ’s death paid for our sins

b. Islam – Salvation is achieved only through submissions of teachings of Islam.

4. Bible

a. Christian – is the word of God

b. Islam – Bible is untrustworthy only the Koran is the literal work of God

5. Sin

a. Christian – Violation of Gods holy standards

b. Islam – lack of obedience to...

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