Global Companies and Solutions Cloud Security 2014:

Global Companies and Solutions Cloud Security 2014:

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Cloud security is the set of security protocols and technologies that protect the cloud resources and the integrity of data stored in a cloud computing environment. Cloud security differs from traditional computer security in that it is not focused on preventing access to specific machines.

This research provides an evaluation of security in cloud computing environment including different types of cloud computing models and security challenges facing cloud computing companies/solutions. The report provides analysis of key security components of popular cloud security solutions. The report includes an evaluation of key players in cloud security industry. The report also provides a cloud security future outlook.

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Target Audience:

Cloud services companies
Mobile network operators
Wireless handset manufactures
Telecom infrastructure providers
Content and application developers
Cloud and telecom security companies
Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers

Cloud Computing and Cloud Security 7
Cloud Computing 7
Cloud Computing Models 8
Storage-as-a-service 8
Database-as-a-service 8
Information-as-a-service 8
Business-Process-as-a-Service 8
Application-as-a-service 8
Platform-as-a-service 8
Integration-as-a-service 8
Security-as-a-service 9
Management-as-a-service 9
Testing-as-a-service 9
Infrastructure-as-a-service 9
Types of Cloud Services 9
Public Cloud 9
Private Cloud 9
On-premise Private Cloud 10
Externally hosted Private Cloud 10
Hybrid Cloud 10
Community cloud 10
Heterogeneous cloud 10
Cloud Computing Benefits 11
Expand scalability 11
Lower infrastructure...

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