Global Dimming

Global Dimming

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The world today is overshadowed by the global dimming crisis which is the observed reduction of sunlight reaching the surface of the Earth caused by by-product air pollution and cloud changes as stated by Beate Liepert (LDEO), (2006).

The Government can op to eliminate the production of aerosol products to decrease the which will allow the earth the ability switch from a "global dimming" trend to a "brightening" trend as global aerosol levels start to decline. Haas et al., 2008, argue that the pollution from many of mankind’s industrial processes will lead to a total climatic change that will test the survival of humanity.

The human-generated dust in the air has decreases temperature and weakened solar output. The government has the ability to create a timeline for the elimination and distribution of aerosol products to start the earth’s healing process as stated by Pinker, et al. (2005). Supporting theories of “global dimming” are as follows.

• Haas, et al., (2008), states, it was observed by taking systematic measurements of the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface since the 1950s. The main cause seems to be aerosols and air pollution being put into the atmosphere by human action.

• The first publication showing evidence of global dimming was at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1985.

• Ohmura a geography researcher found that solar radiation hitting the Earth’s surface had decreased by more than ten percent during the previous three decades as stated by Haas, et al., (2008).

• In 1990, Viivi Russak published “trends of solar radiation, cloudiness and atmospheric transparency during recent decades in Estonia"

• In 1994 Beate Liepert published "Solar radiation in Germany as stated by Haas, et al., (2008).

Setting realistic targets that can be met while still allowing for economic growth in developed and undeveloped countries is a major barrier that the government may face in the...

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