Global Issue

Global Issue

6. Describe the global issues that most affect the individual who you represent in the global village. How do you believe a “typical” person in the country you represent (one who was nevertheless knowledgeable about world affairs) would feel about the actions of the United States government with respect to these issues and why do you think they would feel that way?

7. Which two of the seven revolutions, or trends within the revolutions, do you believe will most affect the citizens of Minnesota between now and the year 2025? Describe the impact that you believe these two trends will have.

8. What do you believe is the most significant global issue (revolution or trend) addressed in this course in terms of potential long-term impact on the world (to the year 2025)? Describe the key aspects of the issue, provide specific reasons for selecting this issue, and describe specific political and economic actions you could take to address this issue.b. climate change
Since 1980, our planet has seen a dramatic change in its’ climate due to human’s obsession to use green house gases (which is the use of coal and oil). Green house gases
Release carbon monoxide in the atmosphere which not only pollute our atomosphere, but also causes the atmosphere to become thicker and trap more of the sun’s heat. Therefore, occur. And also, as ocean’s temperatures get hotter, Greenland, and the north and south pole’s ice is melting. If this continues and the ice melts completely, the sea levels will rise about twenty feet- flooding cities around the world, such as New York, Beijing, and even more.

b. food and hunger
The world produces enough food to provide everyone with at least 2720 kilo-calories per person per day. People go hungry because they lack the resources such as land to grow food, and an income to purchase enough food. If this keeps occurring, many possible outcomes could occur. One possible future could be that people could continue to ignore...

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