Global Lead Mining Market to 2020 - Trends, Analysis, Size, Production and Consumption

Global Lead Mining Market to 2020 - Trends, Analysis, Size, Production and Consumption

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The Global Lead Mining to 2020 report comprehensively covers the world’s historic data on global reserves, and historic and forecast data for global lead production and consumption to 2020, and major exporting and importing nations. The report also includes drivers and restraints affecting the industry, profiles of major lead mining companies and information on the major active, exploration and development projects.

Executive Summary :

The global market for lead is underpinned by developments in the automobile market and infrastructure sector, which includes power generation and transmission and telecommunication sectors. Globally, lead is mined in more than 50 countries. In 2013, lead mine production was 5.4Mt, up by 7.6% from 2012 with China, Australia, the US, Peru and Mexico having a combined share of 83% of global lead mine production.

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Scope :

The report contains an overview of the global lead mining industry together with the key growth factors and restraints affecting the industry. Further, it provides information about reserves, production, consumption, prices, major exporting and importing countries, competitive landscape and major active, exploration and development projects.

Key Highlights :

• Global reserves of lead at the end of 2013 measured 88.7 million tonnes (Mt), with Australia, China, Russia, and Peru collectively accounting for 75.3% of the global total.

• In 2012, around 56% of refined lead production was derived from recycling of scrap batteries, while 44% was from new mine production. Global lead consumption accounted for 21% of global base metal consumption in 2012.

• Upcoming projects with combined reserves of 50Mt are scheduled to commence operations during 2015-2017.

• Lead occurs mainly in sedimentary exhalative, Mississippi Valley-type and volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits.

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