Global Nuclear Power in the USA - Industry Segment and Forecast 2014 – 2020

Global Nuclear Power in the USA - Industry Segment and Forecast 2014 – 2020

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Nuclear power technology has been adopted as a source of power generation by many industrialized economies.
Several developing countries have also developed plans to expand their energy portfolio by adapting nuclear
technology for power generation. The components installed in a nuclear power plant are similar to those of a
conventional fossil-fueled power plant, except that fission process is used instead of the combustion process.
Uranium is the most common material utilized and energy released from uranium in the form of heat and
radiation is used to generate electricity in the nuclear power plant. However, after the nuclear accident at the
Fukushima power plant there have been many controversial views regarding safe deployment of nuclear power
technology. Despite decisions by some countries to phase out nuclear energy, the market for nuclear power is
expected to grow at a substantial rate. Many new nuclear reactors are planned, especially in China and Russia.
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The decreasing fossil reserves and the need to reduce import bills are encouraging national governments and
energy companies to invest in nuclear power market. The major consuming centers of the world are dependent
on imported fuel sources from foreign nations. The urge to reduce this dependency on imports is attracting
investment in nuclear...

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