Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives Assessment
Stacey Simmons
December 1, 2014
Rachel Jung
Global Perspectives Assessment

Globalization is a popular trend amongst the world of business; it makes possible, goods, services and investments to flow around the world. As a result of these ties, countries have become closer and creating a smaller world and, therefore an easier route on an international level. Additionally, international crime has evolved from this occurrence of globalization and, unfortunately has shown greater abilities towards illicit acts formed from around the world. Acts committed by criminal organizations in one area of the world can now affect another area of the world; consequently, this creates new challenges for criminal justice systems that traditionally have operated within specific areas and jurisdictions.

Global Crimes
While countless crimes take place on an international level, “the categories of crimes are based on, war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity” (U.S. Department of Justice, n.d.). Routinely, local criminal justice systems enforced the laws within their jurisdictions. However, the growing trend of international crime means evolving measures need to take place in order for the Criminal Justice system to keep up with international crimes. Give the example of cyber criminals in other cities, states and nations can steal the identities of citizens without setting foot in the city itself. Furthermore, criminal organizations can form unions with other crime groups and in any other area around the world.

Cyber Crime
More specifically, global crime may evolve through the use of computers via internet. This susceptibility to crime stems because international criminals have an extreme ability to gain,...

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