Global Warming: Anthropogenic

Global Warming: Anthropogenic

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This article argues that global warming and the rise of temperatures is definitely caused by human activity. Based on the steady rise of atmospheric moisture over the oceans since 1988 and the humidity findings from satellite data, the column of atmosphere above every square yard of ocean now holds nearly three more cups of water than it did two decades ago. This is according to a team led by Benjamin D. Santer of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The increase did not come from solar radiation, volcanoes, El Nino, or other factors considered, but instead, from the greenhouse gases people have been pumping into the air. These gases, including water vapor, warm the atmosphere, causing the increase in its moisture-holding capacity. Also, contribution to global warming causes high humidity triggering intense hurricanes, something we can definitely do without.

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Some scientists are saying that a recent trend of increasingly hot summer nights is a sign of human-generated global warming. According to the National Climatic Data Center, an average of about 30 percent of the United States had "much above normal", being defined as the highest 10 percent of low temperatures on record. average summertime minimum temperatures between 2001 and 2005. Normally, about 10 percent of the United States should experience much above normal summer night lows in any given year. However, in 2003 and 2005, 36 percent of the country had much above normal summer minimum temperatures, while in 2002, 37 percent of the nation experienced such minimums. In each of the last eight years, the United States has been far above the normal 10 percent mark, and during the past 15 years, the average has been 20 percent. In contrast, only 2 percent of the country had average above...

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