Global Warming & Climate Change

Global Warming & Climate Change

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Dear Sir Robert Green
In response to your request, I am sending the following report. It is basically an answer to your twofold question regarding 1) the definition and illustration about global warming and climate change and 2) the ways in which Green Industries are likely to be at risk or exposed to the threat of any future legislative controls that might be imposed by the British Government.

1. Global Warming and Climate Change
1.1 Global warming is considered to be the biggest environmental threat in our lifetime. In the 21 century it has become the most controversial science concern which unfortunately affects all the global society. According to Maslin (2004), it causes economics, sociology, geopolitics, local politics and of course people choice of lifestyle. However Global Warming, as relative literature suggests, is part of a greater process known as Climate Change. Therefore, many various outcomes may occur, many of which are catastrophic. It is known that the levels of carbon dioxide gas are increasing, as well as the average temperature.
In the past one hundred years the average temperature has risen between 1.2 and 1.4 degrees F as Houghton et al. (1990) stated.
This could also result in dramatic changes of climate, precipitation, winds, and sea levels in our natural environment.
A basic question that arises is whether human interference causes all this climate changes and subsequently the global warming. What explanations have these two scientific terms then?
Secondly, what future effects will be on Green Industries, given that these problems remain to earth?
Basically, these were the main ideas on which I was based in making a deep search on the subject and finding the following results.

2 What is global warming?
2.1 Mr. Green, at the beginning I would like to state that mainly, global warming is energy received from the sun in the form of short wave radiation. However Maslin (2004, p.4) note that one third of this solar...

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