Global Warming Controversy

Global Warming Controversy

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Global Warming Debate
By: Choo-Hang Khoo

The epic global warming controversy has existed since first signs of the Earth warming up, which was around the 1920s to 1930s. Before this period, the humans inhabiting this Earth were carefree and had one less massive problem to deal with.
However, due to the significant advances in our technological world, scientists and top academics have developed many theories and evidence to prove that Global Warming exists. Thus, the controversy now does not revolve around whether or not it exists but as to if it is Human induced. The fact that Global Warming does exist is exactly that, a fact- with mountains of evidence to support this, it is inevitable to agree with this fundamental issue.

First of all, the most common theory of climate change is the one which is strongly supported by the ex vice president on the United States, Al gore, that states that the current climate change/Global Warming, is significantly accelerated by humans, producing too much waste and adding to the already thick greenhouse gases (located in the atmosphere). The atmosphere, one of the many layers of gas surrounding the planet Earth and held by gravity, started off to be very thin relative to Earths size- However, due to human pollution and the over excessive emissions of carbon gases, the atmosphere has thickened significantly and thus trapping more infrared rays or heat rather than allowing it to escape back to space, where it usually goes. These gradual build ups of infrared rays slowly but effectively heats up our Earth, causing disastrous consequences.

The main body of this controversy is about the effects of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 on Global Warming. Al Gore’s film, “An inconvenient Truth”, vividly implies that Climate Change/Global Warming is caused by human emissions of CO2. The opposing theory rebuts this point by pointing out the fact that CO2 is only a small percentage of the Greenhouse gases or the atmosphere, and thus it cannot be...

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