Global Warming essay

Global Warming essay

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Global Warming, a serious problem

Jose Sapien


April 14, 2011

El Paso Community College

The first one to assert that the high level concentrations of carbon dioxide located in the atmosphere could end in global warming was the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius. The Global Warming issue is a serious problem, its discovery caused different responses and marked the starting point where the way that people think and act will be philosophically and socially affected in order to create a “green” attitude towards the Earth. Here is how it works; before the industrial revolution, the Earth’s atmosphere contained about 280 parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2). That was a good amount (good defined as what we used to). Since the molecular structure of carbon dioxide traps heat near the planet’s surface that would otherwise radiate back out to space, civilization grew up in a world whose thermostat was set by that number. Once we started burning coal and gas and oiled to power our lives that 250 number started to rise. When scientists began to measuring in the late 1950’s it had already reached the 315 level. Now it’s at 380, and increasing by roughly two parts per million annually. When comparing these two numbers we noticed the speed of the increasing level of carbon dioxide molecules and the climate change within. This empirical research will emphasize the following topics.

1. Global warming causes.

2. Global warming effect.

3. What we can do about it?

Global Warming, a serious problem

According to what the Science tells us about Global warming can be a very deep problem but not a catastrophe. Eventually it won’t be resolved within the following five or ten years, and because of that fact we need to develop ways to deal with this issue. Obviously, making no effort to eradicate or to decrease global warming will just help to make the problem...

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