Global Warming Fact or Fiction

Global Warming Fact or Fiction

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Recently, I have discovered that famed actor Leonardo Dicaprio has an avid interest in one of today’s hottest topics, Global Warming. What is Global Warming? Did it cause the very nice weather we had in New York City this December? Some people say that Global Warming has caused the temperatures on Earth to increase. Sea levels are at all time highs and causing beaches to erode. There are skeptics who believe that this is just a ploy by the government to make us believe in something that does not exist. There are two sides to every story which makes this debate so interesting. I do believe that something is going on with our Earth’s surface; just not sure that Global Warming is the blame.

According to scientist “Global Warming” often refers to the warming that can occur as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gasses from human activities. Since global warming appeared during the last decade as a serious environmental issue, it has been the subject of a lot of debate. Many people question whether or not global warming exists. But there is one fact that no one has questioned; the surface temperature of the earth has increased 0.45-0.6 degrees Celsius in the past century ( In New York recently, there were temperatures above normal in December. On December 18, the temperature reached a high of 71 degrees, extremely rare for anyone who was raised in the city. Scientists also believe that Global Warming caused Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans
The fear is that the earth’s temperature will continue to increase. An increase in the planet’s temperature may eventually cause the ice caps to melt and the sea levels to rise ( The world’s beautiful beaches will be washed away. The idea that serious disasters like these could happen from global warming is cause for alarm. Records from land stations and ships indicate that the global surface temperature warmed by between...

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