Global Warming: the Domino Effect

Global Warming: the Domino Effect

The Global Warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s
Atmosphere. And due to many rowing and expanding causes such as transportation that
Causes extreme air pollution, Nuclear reactors and ozone holes. Global warming has
Several negative effects on earth that include climate changes, rising sea levels, and
carbon dioxide absorption by water bodies.

First of all, increasing in earth temperature, leads to precipitation increase and
Climate changes. Kerry Emanuel, an American professor in meteorology, writes that
hurricane power Dissipation is highly related to the temperature, reflecting global
Warming. Moreover a further study by the same professor concluded that global
Warming is The principal cause of hurricanes. Despite hurricanes, global warming is
Also responsible of climate destabilization. In fact, the general temperature of the
Northern earth semi-sphere has increased for 3ºC in the last fifty years, and this may
Disrupt the ecosystem in many dangerous ways.

Meanwhile, global warming also affects glaciers and icebergs. In historic times,
Glaciers grew during a cool period from about 1550 to 1850, known as the little ice
Age. Since 1980, glacier retreat has become increasingly rapid. The total surface of
Glaciers worldwide has decreased by 50% since the end of the 19th century. According to
To the U.N. Climate report the Himalayan glaciers that are the sources of Asia's biggest
Rivers Like Mekong, Salween and Yellow, could disappear by 2035 as temperature rise.
This will affect the sea water level worldwide. An additional water will enter them due to
Ice melting which may end up by sinking populated islands, this means several life

Finally, Global warming also has a direct effect on oceans and seas. Oceans
Water can hold a variable amount of dissolved carbon dioxide depending on
Temperature and pressure. In another way,...

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