global warming

global warming

The earth’s atmosphere is warming at a rate that is alarming. Some scientists are sure
that the warming is caused by the greenhouse gases released into the earth’s
atmosphere and other human activity as well. Some believe that household appliances
contribute to the warming also.

Global warming is dangerous because it affects the environment, and that can cause
many problems and dangerous things to happen. It can causer floods in certain places,
causing greenhouse gases to be released into the earth’s atmosphere causing the
earth’s temperature to rise.

Cutting down trees, smoke from factories, exhaust system from cars, trucks, and
motorcycles all contribute greenhouse gases being released causing global warming.
Some scientists even believe that the human population is also a factor when it comes
to global warming.

The main reason why global warming is happening is because of the burning of fossil
fuels and deforestation, caused by human activity. We should plant more trees instead
of cut down more trees. To prevent global warming policies should be in place and we
need to take certain steps to prevent it from happening.

Global warming is caused when the heat from the sun and greenhouse gases are released into the earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming and a need to come up with a solution to prevent global warming and the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere and all that inhabits the earth.

Human activity is not the only reason global warming is happening. Global warming was
occurring long before human activity. According to scientists, ninety percent of global
warming is caused by humans. The climate warming is much faster than the climate
warming in the past. The gases released by fossil fuel burning is the reason why global
warming is much faster now.

Many problems could result from global warming. One main problem is the rising sea
level. Many are concerned that flooding could happen to their city. Some...

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