Global Warminggg

Global Warminggg

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Persuasive Speech on Fact Outline

General Purpose: To persuade my audience about a fact.

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that man-made global warming is a myth based on bad scientific measures.

Argument: Global warming is not mankind’s fault because climate change is a normal process.


I. Attention Getter: Despite what you may have heard from Al Gore, driving your SUV is not going to contribute to the destruction of planet Earth.

II. Argument/Introduce Topic: In fact, global warming is not the fault of you and your SUV, but rather climate change and that is a normal process.

III. Credibility Statement: I am an environmental studies major who has thoroughly researched this topic, from an unbiased perspective, for the past few weeks.

IV. Preview: Today I plan to explain why global warming is a myth and not a fact.

A. I will first explain how the Earth’s temperature is a natural phenomenon.

B. Then I will show you how the science of global warming alarmists is flawed.

C. Finally, I will propose a different motive for those who seem to fight on behalf of the planet; one where the environment is not exactly their primary concern.

[Transition: All told, there are many things to consider about climate change, so let’s get started.]

I. Main Point: The Earth’s temperature has always been in flux and its change is natural.

A. Sub-point: Just look at the Ice Age as a historical moment when the Earth’s temperature drastically shifted.

B. Sub-point: For something more recent, look at the Great Depression in the 1930s and the Dust Bowls that blew away the topsoil in Oklahoma, Texas, and other parts of the nation during that time due to lack of rain.

C. Sub-point: If these historical events are not enough to convince you about the natural changes in temperature our planet goes through, then here is some scientific research....

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