Global E-Tailing Market - Size, Share and Market Research Analysis, 2014 - 2020

Global E-Tailing Market - Size, Share and Market Research Analysis, 2014 - 2020

E-tailing refers to the use of advanced technology to sell a range of products online to customers. E-tailing, also known as electronic-tailing or electronic retailing is a subset of e-commerce, which encapsulates all commerce carried out via the internet, a global system of interconnected computer networks. E-tailing or e-retailing offers lower prices and a wider range of products to selectfrom compared to those available at brick-and-mortar retail shops. In addition, e-tailing has the potential to offer more information to consumers to help make a shopping decision. Perhaps the most important benefit of e-tailing is the ability to use the internet platform to personalize information according to individual needs.The modern concept of e-tailing has forced retailers to open online stores creating opportunities to expand their business beyond geographical boundaries. Online storeshelp boost sales through websites.

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The concept of e-tailing has brought together many retailersonline.Features likeeasy search for required product, online payments, home delivery services and tracking transaction statushaveplayed a crucial role in enhancing customer shopping experience. Aavailability of a large number of e-tail websites forshopping and online facility tocompare a wide range of products at one’s fingertips are some of the factors that can save a customer muchtime, previously wasted at retail stores in searching products manuallyand waitingin queue for payment of bills. Small enterprises that specialize in niche products are entering the e-tail market to make their products available worldwide. Some essential components of e-tailing are e-catalogs, search engines, shopping carts, online customer sales personnel, distribution of electronic goods, order status tracking facility and creation of customer community.

E-tailing is being widely used in the retail sector and is...

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