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1. What is the key to business success:

a. business knowledge
b. market awareness
c. hands on management
d. sufficient capital
e. hard work

2. If a relative ever asks me for advice about starting a business I will
tell them to:

a. work for someone else in the field first
b. write a business plan
c. study marketing
d. give up the idea
e. learn about budgeting

3. Which is the largest potential trouble spot:

a. too much growth
b. too little growth
c. too fast growth
d. too slow growth
e. sporadic growth

4. I trust: (select as many as apply)

a. nobody
b. myself
c. my partner
d. a few key employees
e. my customers

5. I am unhappy when my employees are:

a. late
b. unhappy
c. abrupt with customers
d. resigning
e. less dedicated than me

6. My customers are: (select as many as apply)

a. always right
b. too fussy
c. demanding
d. worth listening to
e. dumb

7. Rank these in order of importance for small-business marketing success:

a. word-of-mouth
b. advertising
c. signs
d. location
e. community events

8. When it comes to money I am:

a. careful
b. too carefree
c. emotional
d. shrewd
e. hardnosed

9. Financially my firm:

a. has trouble with cash-flow
b. has a good line of credit
c. is financed totally by receipt--no credit
d. is making better profits this year than last
e. knows exactly where it is all the time

10. In hiring people:

a. I take far too long
b. I look for the cheapest person
c. personality is more important than experience
d. I look for the best person, and am willing to pay
e. I only hire at the trainee level

11. With my employees:
a. I treat everybody the same

b. I try to talk privately to everybody once a week
c. To whatever extent possible I tailor assignments to personalities
d. I encourage them to talk to me about the business
e. I try to work alongside them...

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