God Is Capable

God Is Capable

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GOD IS CAPABLE (Done in the form of a commercial)

If you had a case that needed to be solved, and you needed a Lawyer, you would want one of the best Lawyers in Barbados to represent you. You would want a lawyer who is capable, with the qualifications, the experience and credentials to represent you. I am sure you would not go to someone without the experience to represent you in court – that would be madness. Further more, when you have realized that this lawyer is capable to represent you in court, when you know you have a Lawyer who has helped others before in this same area, when you know that all those persons he has helped were successful in winning the case, you can sleep better at night knowing, not wondering – KNOWING that your case will be successful.

I know someone, who is bigger and better than any lawyer, who has solved many cases, who has performed many miracles, who has healed many souls of sickness, pain and grief. I know someone that when you go to that person you are only faced with one option – Winning. Further more, this someone is capable of doing absolutely anything!

That man is God. Let me establish a few facts here as I share with you His credentials. God is GOD! He took nothing and made the universe. He is God! He created humans out of the dust of the earth. He is GOD! He has always been God and He will always be God. He never changes. God made an iron axe head float on water. God caused the Red Sea to move back to each side for the Israelites to pass through. God caused the earth to rotate ten degrees one way and then back again. God caused the daylight to remain for an extra day. He caused five loaves of bread and two fish to be enough to feed over 5000 people WITH food left over. God healed the sick and raised persons from the dead. God caused a woman and a man older than 90 years old to have children! What a powerful God He is! In addition to that God operates a 24 Hour service. That is right folks – He is always available....

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