God V.S. the Teenage Soul

God V.S. the Teenage Soul

Charles D. Hill III
English 111
Narrative Essay

Godly Love and The Truth Within You

I lived in Oakland, Ca all my life. From first grade to fourth I lived with my grandparents and cousin, spending most of my time going on vacations, getting everything I wanted and living a lavish lifestyle. I grew up in private school and schools where education was truly a challenge but was expected for students to pursue. However, it may have seemed like a walk in heaven but far from it. Throughout my life people criticized and prejudged me as a person. One of those critiques was that I had characteristic of a female. Because of that I had more thoughts of same sex relations I often wondered about growing up. As a young boy I displayed qualities that were not my true personality. I can feel myself lying everyday slipping up little by little exposing my true identity to others. I didn’t know how to operate and didn’t really have a male role model in my life but my semi father figure and my grandfather but all he showed me was the greatness of a television. So, all I had to go off of was the girl cousins I was constantly around growing up. Although my father wasn't around he wasn’t always there for me as well. I had to depend on myself to pick myself up in problems and move on, crying was never an option. When I became a preteen, where life was drastically changing, I looked upon my family to help guide me in the right direction. But what happens in most big families people are looked over and never really talked to about issues they have in life. How do people begin to express what they feel when there is no one to express those feelings too?

On a weird day when I was around the age of nine, in my Dad’s home, my brother had came to me with a proposition. I could already tell he was obviously aroused because of the upward stance of his privates. The brother asked me “Are you horny, you want to suck my dick?” I looked with an astounded and surprised face....

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