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POS 427 Windows Networking

Intro Meeting with Client

Recently, New B Technology Group had an RFP come across our desks for a project that was very similar to something that we had done before. It was a project for to update the networking operating system from Linux to either Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Windows Server 2003; and decide if they should update the desktop operating system to Windows XP.

We thought it was interesting to see that needed this service because they were such a new company. Then we sat down and thought about it and weren’t even sure what they did in the first place. We all remembered seeing the advertisements on the Super Bowl commercials, but never really listened to what they had to say. Then we did a little background research on and found out that they started in 1997 and are now the worlds leading domain name provider. prides themselves for offering domain names at a very low rate per year (under $10). ( About Us, 2006) was running Linux for their web hosting servers and had gotten requests from many of their customers to change to a MS Windows format, we really anticipated the upcoming interview. The day finally came for the proposal and met with the GoDaddy team. They were very professional, but provided a very fun atmosphere. The first round of proposals went just fine and we felt that we did pretty well and got offered to come back the next week to finalize some things and talk money.

When we arrived at the meeting site, the GoDaddy folks had brought in a caterer for the lunch meeting and with that they brought some alcoholic beverages. We thought it was kind of weird at the time, but found out later that it was probably a bad business decision. When the lunch was over, we started talking money and contracts. We had the deal almost inked and then they brought in the GoDaddy girl. We could not believe our eyes and before we knew it, we...